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by the hour

We love chatting about building, and would love to help you plan your dream shed, barn, or home. We'll take a peek at your sketches, even if they're drawn on napkins, and help transform them into reality.



Custom building prices vary

We work out of our small shop at home, keeping costs down. We encourage clients to build smaller, more efficient buildings, and we work earnestly to create buildings with long-lasting beauty.

bread oven workshop


Bread ovens, plastering, natural building, timber framing

We love teaching workshops- an enriching way to pass on what we have learned along the way, and to pick up tips from participants. It wasn't that far in our past that community came together for barn raisings and building homes; it is empowering  and rewarding to build something with your very own hands.


Construction drawings

from simple to complex...

Your hand drawn plans will include all aspects of the timber frame structure. Without any computer renderings, they are beautiful to behold, and translate into resplendent buildings.